Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Great Gatsby Film Review

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For the past month, my impatience for the release of The Great Gatsby has grown to extensive amounts. Vogue Australia's Gatsby themed issue and Vogue USA's Daisy Buchanan covered issue not only increased my impatience but also escalated my excitement to extreme amounts. When the film was finally released late last week, I headed down to my local cinema and enjoyed what I had been looking forward to.
An adaptation of the beloved novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Baz Luhrmann directs Tobey Maguire as would-be writer Nick Carraway who leaves the Midwest for New York City in the spring of 1922. In the village of West Egg, he rents a comfortable and quaint little house next door to the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) who every Saturday evening hosts the most elaborate parties imaginable wishing to impress his one true love Daisy (Carey Mulligan), Nick's impeccable and exquisite cousin who resides across the bay with her philandering husband Tom (Joel Edgerton). It's after Nick is personally invited to one of Gatsby's infamous parties that he is drawn into the captivating world of the super-rich.
This movie was everything I hoped it would be - and more! Ambitiously artistic, Baz has immersed himself into the 1920's era, fully understanding the source's themes to create a dazzling, dreamlike world. I thank production and costume designer Catherine Martin as every second of its 142 minutes was visually stimulating and inspiring (someone hand her the Oscar), whilst the performances of each actor and actress were strong with the right amount of subtlety. Jay-Z's executively produced soundtrack was impeccably cool, contemporary and fresh. I found myself running to the shops to purchase a copy on Monday morning! Deliciously decadent and a visual feast, clearly a lot of love has gone into the making of this movie and I would literally recommend it to anyone and everyone.

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