Monday, 20 May 2013

Resort 2014: Christian Dior

This past Saturday evening, Raf Simons presented a spellbinding cruise  collection for Christian Dior in Monaco. As you would come to expect from a Raf Simons for Christian Dior show, each look was distinct and utterly original with couture sensibilities. Iconic shapes such as the Bar jacket were revisited. However, they were given a fresh, contemporary feel in vibrant shades ranging from electric blues to captivating corals. Sporty practicality was introduced through a key detail - the silver zipper, allowing classic floaty satin sundresses to act as a top layer whilst revealing undergarments in a not too overtly sexual manner. I particularly liked the futuristic metallic fabrics, enthusiastic colour blocking and lace layering, a first for Raf who in the past has steered well clear of the fabric deeming it too old, romantic and tragic.

I'm amazed by this collection. I find it so exciting, modern and original. Raf clearly understands and respects the Dior DNA, however he isn't afraid to take risks and challenge its boundaries. I thank him for this and look forward to seeing what he has next in store.


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