Monday, 3 June 2013

Chain Reaction

During the summer months, I find jewellery can really help lift a simple t-shirt and shorts kind of outfit, making it look a little less dull and far more interesting. In the past I always favoured bangles and bracelets over necklaces. It's not that I dislike necklaces, on the contrary I love them but every necklace I'd try on would either be super short or in a style I disliked. However, this season everything has changed.

I have slowly started to build up a little collection of long chained necklaces with the help of Asos and Regal Rose. I first purchased the silver stag head necklace from Asos due to the fact that I'm kind of obsessed when it comes to stags. I put this down to my love of Christmas  i.e. Rudolph, however, a steel stag head also adorns my bedroom wall. This was then followed by the gold skull and silver feather necklace also from Asos. I was attracted to this particular design as I found the design unique yet subtle with a cool native american vibe to it. Being in gold also made a nice change to the usual silver skull necklaces on the market. The latest addition to my collection is the silver bird skull necklace from Regal Rose. I love how wearing this necklace can give an edgy twist to any outfit, whilst the antique silver colouring and thin chain give the necklace an effortless vintage vibe.

All these necklaces fulfill my needs. They are on the long side, look unique and help make my overall outfit look a little more put together. Besides necklaces, I haven't been able to stop wearing this awesome evil eye bracelet from Shop Style Suzi. It's a little unusual but looks great with any outfit. These are all my favourite summer accessories and are perennial keepsakes.

Are there any current accessories you can't stop wearing? Let me know in the commets below.


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