Monday, 18 March 2013

Vogue Australia April 2013: The Sweetest Thing

International editions of Vogue are now right at your fingertips with Apple's Newsstand app. With this fantastic app, you can immerse yourself in the wonderful work featured in international editions. If you're a magazine addict like me, and love to see another continents vision and perspective on the latest trends, I highly recommend you try out this app. Without this app (excluding the web of course), I wouldn't have had the chance to see the captivatingly stunning "The Sweetest Thing" editorial featured in Vogue Australia's April 2013 edition. The sensational editorial featuring Cassi van den Dungen, styled by Jillian Davidson and shot by Will Davidson is without doubt, one of my favourite editorials in recent years. The hazy, dreamlike quality to the images perfectly compliments the natural wilderness, and Jillian's styling is simply dazzling. She is one of the first editors to use items from Alexander McQueen's Spring/Summer 2013 range (one of my favourite shows of fashion week), and has turned the relatively avant garde and artful designs into something a little more wearable with classic Miu Miu heels. My favourite image from the spread has to be the gorgeous portrait shot highlighting McQueen's statement, jewel encrusted, bee choker. I love its delicacy and tranquility and the sprinkling of dandelion seeds and dried flowers adds to the story's purity. My three favourite shots are as follows:
Are you guys as excited by this editorial as I am? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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