Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Alice Dellal For Boy Chanel

I was totally taken aback when I saw the new ad campaign for Boy Chanel starring Alice Dellal. I remember waiting with baited breath to see last year's Boy Chanel ad campaign. There was a little uncertainty regarding Karl Lagerfeld's choice to cast Alice Dellal as its face. She was unlike any other Chanel face past or present and was know for favouring an off-beat punk style. However, this excited me. I looked forward to seeing a younger, fresher and edgier Chanel woman. When I finally saw the complete campaign, I was ecstatic. I loved everything about it. The styling, the set, the hair, the makeup - it was perfect!
With the new campaign, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld himself, the look is a little softer with an equestrian, daywear vibe compared to last year's sophisticated, eveningwear vibe. Alice perfectly embodies the more masqueline and "boyish" Chanel woman in oversized preppy cardigans and crisp white dress shirts. Each look is accessorised with a black silk lavaliere and of course, the Boy Chanel Bag - the subject of the campaign. This campaign is truly stunning. Last year's instantly became one of my top favourites of all time, and now this one isn't far behind! Please take a look at this gorgeous campaign below and let me know your thoughts.

All Images © Karl Lagerfeld/Chanel

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